Maurice C. Whitney – Rumba (Piano Accompaniment)

Maurice Whitney (1909 – 1984) spent most of his career as a soloist, conductor and composer based in New York and Florida. Additionally, he was a church choirmaster and organist and taught at public schools and colleges. As a composer, he wrote for theater, dance groups, instrumental ensembles, and choirs. Whitney’s Rumba (1949) was dedicated to Sigurd Rascher and features syncopated rhythms and call-and-response that are often found in traditional rhumbas.

This piano accompaniment was created for practicing, score studying, and other educational settings.

Performance Tempo without Metronome – 0:00
Performance Tempo with Metronome – 2:48
Practice Tempo (Half Note = 60) – 5:35
Practice Tempo (Half Note = 70) – 9:37
Practice Tempo (Half Note = 80) – 13:06

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