Maesa Sanook by Kitti Kuremanee

Maesa-sanook for saxophone ensemble was written in summer 2014. The term Maesa means April in Thai language and Sanook means fun. This piece is related to the way of life in Thai especially Songkran festival the holiday that Thai people who work in different places return to hometown once a year.
The piece started with small fragments of northeastern Thai rhythm. After that, the small fragments transform to the opening statement. In the first movement is running the dance rhythms but it has a transition theme divided each section of the piece.
The second movement is a transformation of the main theme from the first movement. Its made the dance theme to a beautiful Thai style and following by minimalist texture but the same theme until the end.
The last movement started by pointillistic texture which materials are from the movement before. Then the exposition is back again and a small coda part comes to make a piece complete.
I chose saxophone family to describe a beautiful Thai culture through saxophone idioms because of its suite 21st-century folk literature the most. I hope this piece will reflect a wonderful Thai culture. Enjoy the piece.

Silpakorn Saxophone Ensemble
Directed by Supat Hanpatanachai

Sasithorn Suebsuksakulwong, Soprano Saxophone *
Phetcharat Janphila, Soprano Saxophone
Kun Yothaprasert, Alto Saxophone *
Udomporn Samranjit, Alto Saxophone
Jun Nakamura, Alto Saxophone
Wannakorn Uengwiriyasakun, Alto Saxophone
Natchanon Jantanom, Alto Saxophone
Pongpak Werachattawatchai, Tenor Saxophone *
Nattanicha Tiam-Utai, Tenor Saxophone
Suphachai Klinchaona, Tenor Saxophone
Anuwat Benjachart, Baritone Saxophone *
Chanika Suttipituk, Baritone Saxophone

Silpakorn University, Faculty of Music

Posted on 10 de octubre de 2020

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