Libertango – Equinox Saxophone Ensemble

Libertango by Astor Piazzolla arranged by Lindsey Smith.
From a concert by Equinox Saxophone Ensemble at the Radcliffe Centre, Buckingham, as part of their ‘Voyages’ – a programme celebrating music from around the world, from beautiful Baroque to passionate Tango, traditional folk music and contemporary works for saxophone ensemble.
Equinox Saxophone Ensemble:

Alistair Parnell – Sopranino
Nicola Pennill – Soprano
Claire Tomsett-Rowe – Alto
Keri Degg – Alto
Chris Jolly – Tenor
Lindsey Smith – Tenor
Michelle Phillips – Baritone
Alison Bryant – Baritone
with guest players:
Nigel Wood – Soprillo
Chloe Percy-Smith – Bass

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