Lewis Porter’s Sax Concerto for Dave Liebman, 2 of 3: In Memoriam Corinne Mond (1952-2011)

Lewis Porter’s Concerto for Saxophone, written for Dave Liebman, premiered by Harvard’s Dudley House Orchestra, conducted by Aaron Kuan, April 19, 2012. Audio recording by Jett Galindo.
PROGRAM NOTE by the composer:
The second movement celebrates the memory of my friend Corinne Mond,
who died of the cancer multiple myeloma while I was working on this
piece. Corinne, a popular middle school English teacher in Great Neck,
N.Y., was a unique, witty, and feisty individual, who raised two
special and accomplished children, Julie and Josh. In a way, this
movement tells the story of a life, from a dramatic beginning,
represented by slow strings in a solemn mood, leading to Liebman’s
unaccompanied theme statement in C major on tenor saxophone. As life
goes on, the contrasting and more rhythmic «traveling music» of the
middle section invites Liebman to improvise using two assigned scales.
After a thoughtful brass interlude that reestablishes home and
stability, the opening theme returns. This time, the music builds, and
suddenly lifts off and takes flight, as we send Corinne onward with
the ringing of the triangle–a Bell for Corinne.
SEE ALSO: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=41883

CONCERTO, first movement:

CONCERTO, second movement:

CONCERTO, third movement:

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