Learn to play rhythm changes using a good simple basis!

Rhythm changes is a very common jazz standard form. Hundreds of songs in the american songbook are based on this particular form and chord progression.
The Rhythm Changes provides so many possibilities for playing the chords, alternating the chords, digging deeper in new sounds that I think everybody at least once has to check Rhythm Changes out.

In this video
I will explain the A part of a Rhythm changes form
We walk through the basic chords
Take a look at the basic scales
Learn how to apply this to some good jazz lines
Show, play and analyze a solo on the first 8 bars of the Rhythm Changes.

Get the full transcription of the lesson:

00:00 Rhythm Changes – do you think it is difficult? – it is not!
00:33 In this video
00:57 You need to know the rhythm changes form, chord functions and music theory
05:00 The basic chords and exercises
07:00 Knowing your scales and some scale exercises
09:38 How to make great jazz lines on the rhythm changes
12:02 8 bars of rhythm changes solo – played and analysed
14:00 64 one bar jazz lines on a Cmaj chord + 20 I-V-I-V licks to be played on Rhythm Changes
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Video links:
“64 one bar jazz lines on a Cmaj chord + 20 I-V-I-V licks to be played on Rhythm Changes”

64 one bar jazz lines on a Cmaj chord + 20 I-V-I-V licks played on Rhythm Changes

“Chord exercise inspiration”

“Inspiration for scale exercises”.

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Posted on 22 de mayo de 2020

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