Jihlava – Andreas van Zoelen

In WW II, thousands of people where exiled from different parts of Europe. Amongst them the “Sudeten-Deutschen” from Jihlava, Iglau, in the Czech Republic. “Jihlava” was written to commemorate the suffering and hardship of these people, that had to travel hundreds of kilometers by foot in search of a new existence. Amongst these people where my grandmother and my mother. It is devastating to me that history repeats itself time and time again.
Although very aware of the fact that this film is just a mere drop in the ocean, I would strongly like to make a statement against the repression of minorities, and call for mutual respect between our worlds religions, races, cultures and beliefs! We can all learn and in that way benefit from each other.
The audio is a live recording of my composition, “Jihlava” for symphonic band. Performed by “Harmonie St. Caecilia Blerick”, conducted by myself, Oct. 2. 2005, Heythuisen, Netherlands

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