Jean-Baptiste Singelée Duo Concertant for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, and piano, Op.55

Posted on 7 de abril de 2018

Wonki Lee – Soprano Saxophone
Brandon Jinwoo Choi – Alto Saxophone
Kyung Eun Na – Piano

Belgian composer Jean-Baptiste Singelée is one of the first composers to write music for saxophone, a newly invented instrument during his lifetime. As a longtime friend of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of saxophone, Singelée encouraged Sax to promote his invention of the instrument, creating numerous compositions. Singelée composed over 30 works for saxophone ranging from solo pieces for each type of saxophone to ensemble works. The style of his music is very much like the nineteenth century European Salon Music in which compositions are often focused on demonstration of virtuosity or emotional expression of a sentimental character in a fairly short musical form. Duo Concertant is a perfect display of such style while it is cast in a traditional three-movement form (Resoluto-Andante-Allegretto). It is clear that Singelée understood Adolphe Sax’s original intentions for inventing the instrument to serve symphonic orchestra, filling acoustic gaps between string, wind, and brass sections. As a hybrid of both woodwind and brass instruments, saxophone is capable of producing wide variety of dynamics and colors with agility. In this work Singelée successfully showcases agility and vocal quality of the instrument. The result is a delightful inauguration of what is to become the most popular instrument of the following centuries.


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