Jazz Blues – This is the way to play jazz and get the blues sound

What is playing jazz on a blues and what is playing blues on blues?
Blues is mostly one of the first things we get into playing when playing an instrument.
It is quite easy to use a simple pentatonic scale and get around in a 12 bar blues form.
When we get a bit further in our development as a player we start looking at the chord changes more deeply.
Where in the form do we play blues and where can we play jazz – is there a difference?
I say yes – there is a clear difference.

In this video
I will explain one of the characteristic blues sounds when playing jazz blues in C
My focus will be the difference of major and minor in the first and second bar of the blues
You will learn how to spell this out playing the blues
Going through the I and the IV dominant chord notes – the C7 and the F7
Going through the I and the IV dominant scales – the C7 and the F7
Showing how to make the change between the major and minor sound
Playing and analysing two jazz blues lines from the I dominant to the IV dominant – the C7 and the F7.

00:00 JAZZ BLUES – this will nail the sound
00:45 Søren Ballegaard is playing “Blues in C”
01:05 In this video
01:53 Søren Ballegaard Saxophone lessons
02:08 The minor difference in major
04:14 Knowing what to play on the C7 and the F7 – chords and scales
06:28 Playing the major minor difference – how to play the material
09:45 Two C7 to F7 licks – played and analysed
10:43 The 2nd dominant line on C7 to F7
11:46 50 shades of Blues – dominant seven building blocks and 20 I-IV dominant lines
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Best ways to practice chord notes

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“50 shades of blues – dominant 7 lines and buliding blocks from I-IV”

50 shades of Blues – dominant seven building blocks and 20 I-IV dominant seven lines

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Posted on 8 de mayo de 2020

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