Il sogno di Adolphe Sax (Adolphe Sax’s Dream)

Directors: Paolo Fazzini, Marco Cruciani (documentary, Italy). A History of the Saxophone. Invented by the clarinet virtuoso and ingenious inventor Adolphe Sax in 1846, the saxophone combines a number of elements from two important families: woodwinds (reed instruments,) and brass (in which the sound is produced directly by vibrating the lips), and is mode following a sophisticated procedure that could not have been developed but for the Industrial Revolution.
With the aid of the voices (and notes) of some of the most representative jazz musicians, from Italy and beyond, the documentary reconstructs the history of the saxophone, an instrument which, from its birth, encountered not a few difficulties in finding its proper place in the history of music due, perhaps, to its unusual shape which has made it what it is as well as being its fortune.

With interviews to: Lee Konitz, Joshua Redman, Steve Lacy, Bradford Marsalis, Eugenio Colombo, Maurizio Giammarco, Pietro Tonolo, Javier Girotto, Marcello Piras, Mario Schiano.

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