How to setup a good practice routine make a practice program

A good practice routine is worth a million.
Your practice routine decides how you progress in your saxophone playing.
If you are good at setting realistic goals and find out how you develop skills the best, you are able to get much further, also with limited practice time.
You need to know what the most logical next practice step is for you – do you need technique, playing songs, improvising, sound exercises, theory, putting it together, learning stuff by heart, ear training.
And maybe most importantly use your time as effectively as you can, be realistic and at the same time have a lot of fun practicing.

I have made the “ultimate practice program planner” which you get for free when you subscribe to my newsletter on my website.
I will walk you through all the steps in making and executing a great practice program using the “Ultimate Practice Program Planner” fitting your personal needs.
We will focus on all the following topics:
How to set a goal from what you want to learn.
Find subtopics in your goal setting.
What subtopics do I need to work on to get to my goal?
What methods shall I use to get the best result?
How do I divide my time between the different topics?
What is realistic for me?

Get the full transcription of the lesson:

00:00 A good practice is worth a million
00:53 In this video
01:53 Søren is playing Confirmation
01:57 Welcome to Søren Ballegaard Saxophone Lessons
02:15 Lets get started with the Practice Program
02:29 What do you want to learn
03:01 Global goals
03:20 Learning targets
03:47 Set realistic goals 1
04:47 Have fun, be inspired
06:16 Time Management
07:56 Prepare your practice
09:38 Dividing goals into sub goals
10:25 Play music
11:16 How do you play music?
11:42 Technique
13:17 Timing
15:19 Sound
16:56 Music Theory
18:34 Make sub goals – use the Ultimate Practice Program Planner
18:48 Setting goals
19:31 Set realistic goals 2
20:09 Example – 5min practice program
22:01 Example – 30min practice program
23:18 The practice program – running through the steps
23:38 Do not plan too far ahead
24:42 The Ultimate Practice Program Planner Walk Through
25:06 Set a practice session goal
25:36 Sub goal: Sound
26:04 Sub goal: Timing
26:24 Sub goal: Technique
26:56 Sub goal: Improvisation
27:38 Sub goal: Melody
28:25 Sub goal: Theory
28:47 Sub goal: Scales, chords and ear training
29:42 Sub goal: Have fun
30:06 Sub goal: How many practice sessions?
31:35 Sub goal: Practice session time
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My setup:
saxophone: Selmer MKVI 82xxx
mouthpiece is an old Otto Link Babbit – refaced from opening 6 to opening 8/8,5
Reeds are either rico jazz select 4 medium or Robertos Wind NY own brand 4 medium

Posted on 19 de abril de 2020

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