How to make great jazz lines on the minor II V I

People are drawn to happiness and success. As much as happiness and success is a part of our lives, melancholy, broken love and the blues is. Music reflects our lives, the writers of music – musicians and artists with hard lives – love the sound of minor, which often reflects the less happy times in our lives. Generally we all like great music written in minor
Many, many tunes in all genres of music are played in minor, so you need to be well traversed in playing in minor.

This video will cover the part of minor playing regarding making great jazz lines on the II-V-I.
Get into the minor II-V-I chords
Learn the basic minor II-V-I scales
Play and analyse two lovely minor II-V-I licks

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00:00 How to make great jazz lines on the minor II-V-I
00:50 Søren Ballegaard is playing “You’d be so nice to come home to”
01:10 In this video
01:49 The basic chords of the minor II-V-I
04:59 The minor II-V-I basic scales
07:53 What is it we learn when we play other musicians’ licks or lines?
12:25 Playing and analysing two minor II-V-I licks
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“20 basic minor II-V-I building blocks + 20 minor basic II-V-I licks”

20 basic minor II-V-I building blocks + 20 minor basic II-V-I licks

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Posted on 1 de mayo de 2020

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