How To Clean Your Saxophone (Dishwasher?!)

Just a quick walk through on cleaning your saxophone at home (not in the sink or dishwasher…)! It’s nice and easy, and will help protect your lacquer and keep it looking like new. If you have a silver (or gold?!) instrument, check out the polishing cloth below!

Microfiber Cloth for all finishes:
Silver Polishing Cloth; the BEST!

I also mentioned in the video the importance of seeing a qualified repair tech a few times each year. Here are a few I have loved working with, and would highly recommend:

Shelly Tanabe (NYC/TX) :
Aaron Barnard (IA):
Brennan Lagan (PA) :
Matt Hess (GA) :
Tony Barrett (TX) :

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Dr. Stephen C. Page
Associate Professor of Saxophone
The University of Texas at Austin
Butler School of Music

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