Henri Eccles (arr. Rascher) – Sonata in G minor, mvt. I (Piano Accompaniment)

Henri Eccles (1670 – 1742) was a violinist and Baroque composer. Originally composed for violin in 1720, this Sonata in G minor was arranged for alto saxophone and piano by Sigurd Rascher. It is in 4 movements:

I. Grave (Largo)
II. Courante
III. Adagio
IV. Vivace (Presto)

This piano accompaniment was created for practicing, score studying, and other educational settings.

Performance Tempo without Metronome – 0:00
Performance Tempo with Metronome – 0:55
Slower Performance Tempo without Metronome – 1:49
Slower Performance Tempo with Metronome – 3:06

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