Greg Vail Smooth and Traditional Jazz Sax Sounds in a new Decade – live show sax features

Greg Vail – Goyo Saxo Smooth and Traditional Jazz Saxophone Sounds in a new Decade…. This video clip is from a LIVE STREAM from Campus Jax Steamers Jazz night featuring Greg Vail Jazz with guests. 5 tracks – old school Bari Sax on a few and NEW CONTEMPORARY JAZZ on the others. I THINK this is my new direction. I think Jazz is a complex word that needs to always root in the history and be contemporary. sounds a little conflicted but I feel like every show should blow some tradition too! Marc Hugenberger | Ernie Nunez | Nathaniel Scott | Greg Vail | Greg Vail Jazz show – Thanks! Greg Vail plays Yamaha Saxophones – Yamaha Alto Saxophone, Yamaha Tenor Saxophone, Yamaha Baritone Saxophone, Yamaha Soprano Saxophone, Yamaha Flute, Guardala mouthpieces by Nadir, Echo ligatures out of South Korea, Brancher France neck straps, and ATM35 Clip and wireless by Audio Technica. – There Will Never Be Another You – Bari Sax

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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