Greg Vail Goyo Saxo Live Stream Rebroadcast of the Saxophone Jazz Segment of the show.

Campus Jax – Steamers Jazz at Jax – Live Stream from Sunday 4/5 at 5pm with Greg Vail Sax With Terence Love and Tony Guerrero. If you missed the stream here is the segment with Greg Vail Saxophones from the live show…… rebroadcast of Live broadcast – Greg Vail – Goyo – Goyo Sax – Smooth Jazz – Jazz – Live Jazz 2020 – Songs performed = Affirmation and The In Crowd – Greg Vail Jazz – Tenor sax solo – Alto sax solo – saxophones – Greg Vail interview – Bari sax – Baritone saxophone –

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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