Greg Vail All Stars – The In Crowd live at Spaghettini 3/16

Greg Vail All Stars – The In Crowd by Ramsey Lewis performed live at Spaghettini 3/16.
Greg Vail Alto Saxophone
Hans Z Keyboards
Chis Golden Bass
Nat Scott Drums
Guitar Steph Lexner
Everybody is featured in this clip with a Keyboards Solo, Guitar Solo, Sax Solo, Bass Solo and as the song ended we transitioned to the next song with an extended Drum Solo that fades out on this clip after a few minutes. The energy was amazing that night, performances from each band member stellar, and the crowd was having a great time (even if they are a little loud at points) 8)
The Greg Vail Band is available for events and shows. for booking information.
There are dozens of videos available on YouTube of this new group. Please enjoy The In Crowd and make it a point to be apart of that crowd at the next show! 8)
Thanks to Beth and Craig for hitting the record button!!
There are other performances posted from this performance – It’s On George Duke and Uptown Funk Bruno Mars – ENJOY!

Posted on 14 de octubre de 2020

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