Greg Vail 875 Black Yamaha Alto Saxophone Demonstration

Posted on 14 de octubre de 2020

Greg Vail 875 Black Yamaha Alto Saxophone Demonstration.
This footage was part of a FOR SALE video – The video helped sell this sax 3 times in just a few days!! Message to self – do a video!!

The playing was nice and the comparisons seemed valuable, so I cut the sales stuff out and just have the different clips.
The first clips are sax only. I started with the stock M1 black neck with my metal mpc and then compare it to the Silver Plated M1 neck I played on it all the time.
I then changed mouthpieces to my old Meyer so you can hear the difference between the metal and hard rubber.
The last 2 clips are with tracks.
1. Metal BeBop MPC with Silver Neck
2. Hard Rubber Meyer with the Silver Neck

The Saxophone is SOLD – the clip is pretty cool – listen to the different sounds that necks and mouthpieces can create.

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