Gavotte et Double – Carillon and Sax Choir

Excerpt from Gavotte et Double – Willem De Fesch, arranged for Carillon and Sax Choir by Boudewijn Zwart/Tom Bruton

Recorded as part of a performance for the Friends Bournville, Birmingham, UK.

It features the NSC’s first ever satellite link up.

Video technology enabled the addition of a carilloneur to the concert programme despite his location in the bell tower across the road. Apologies for the screen image lack of clarity.

Carillon Solo – Boudewijn Zwart
The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain

Soprillo – Nigel Wood
Sopranino – Chris Jolly
Soprano – Sally MacTaggart
Soprano – Emily Preston
Soprano – Natalie Prestt
Alto – Victoria Benjamin
Alto – Kimberley Squire
Alto – Zoe Marklew
Tenor – Dominic Lawson
Tenor – Tom Bruton
Tenor – Craig Harding
Baritone – Jenny Ashley
Baritone – Claire Tomsett
Baritone – Deb Hutt
Bass – Alison Bryant
Contra – David Bottomley
Percussion – Matt Green

The contrabass, bass and soprillo are all Eppelsheim saxophones.

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