Fugue in G minor – Saxophone Choir

Excerpt from J.S.Bach’s Fugue in G minor arranged for saxophone choir by Stephen Davies and Nigel Wood.

The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain.

Soprillo – Nigel Wood
Sopranino – Chris Jolly
Soprano – Sally MacTaggart
Soprano – Emily Preston
Soprano – Natalie Prestt
Alto – Victoria Benjamin
Alto – Kimberley Squire
Alto – Zoe Marklew
Tenor – Dominic Lawson
Tenor – Tom Bruton
Tenor – Craig Harding
Baritone – Jenny Ashley
Baritone – Claire Tomsett
Baritone – Deb Hutt
Bass – Alison Bryant
Contra – David Bottomley

Recorded as part of a performance for the Friends of Bournville Carillon at St Francis Church, Bournville, Birmingham, UK on 29th October 2011, featuring the NSC’s first ever satellite link-up. Video technology enabled the addition of a carilloneur to the concert programme despite his location in the bell tower across the road. There is no carillon in this piece, but you can see the video screen used to project the image!


Sheet music available for sax quintet version: http://www.saxtetpublications.com/catalogue/viewitem.php?id=117

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