Friday Live July 24: Pads & Slicks

Curt & Rich live from the Sax ProShop discuss our pads plus show off our latest innovation fresh out of our Machine Shop – the Artisan Pad Slicks!

This ultra deluxe pad slick set is the result of giving even simple tools the respect and fine treatment they deserve. Technicians spend a lot of time padding and have traditionally had to use clunky tools at uncomfortable angles to get the job done.

The revolutionary off-set head design allows you clearance to the back of the pad and smooth purchase with the pad. One side of the head is completely flat and the other has a contoured face with a recess. The stainless steel heads come in small, medium, and large, and are great for everything from piccolo to contrabass sax.

The comfortable ergonomic handle is proudly made from hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum in-house in #WilmingtonNC This is the last pad slick you’ll ever need and you can save the hunk of metal you have been using to do all the secondary tasks like unscrewing bumper felts and scraping shellac.

Learn more & order today! #InstrumentRepair #NAMM #BestInShow ??️?

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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