Everything you need to know about the Cebulla Saxophone Neck Strap!

Johann Cebulla has been thinking about and hand crafting his Saxophone neck straps for 25 years. Learn why his neck strap is one of the best and most copied neck straps in the world!

In this in depth discussion Johann thoughtfully answers every question you might have about the Cebulla Saxophone Neck Strap. An interview by MusicMedic.

Time Stamps:

Curt Intro: 1:00

Johann Cebulla intro: 5:22

Cebulla Strap Origination idea: 6:14

Explanation of How Sizes Work: 8:14

What size to get for Beginners: 9:36

What size to get for Adult: 9:50

Types of leather uppers: 12:22

Original Cebulla Strap Design from 1996: 13:50

Rich shows his Cebulla strap with 15 years of use: 14:30

Maintaining Cebulla strap: 15:30

Detailed description of the different Length Adjusters: 19:08

Purpose for the Shape of the length Adjuster: 21:36

Materials. How the leather is selected: 27:45

Making the edge of the upper perfect: 30:38

Difference between Baritone and Normal strap: 33:26

Why the lockable hook?: 35:10

Overall Quality Overview: 36:42

The Cebulla Saxophone Neck strap is available in four sizes suited for the instruments being played. Learn more & order today! http://ow.ly/160R50BFA4N #InstrumentRepair #NAMM #BestInShow ??️?

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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