Duke Ellington & Ben Webster: All To Soon

Rare 1970 concert reunites Duke Elllington and Ben Webster.

Ben Webster played with Duke Ellington’s orchestra for the first time in 1935, and by 1940 was performing with it full-time as the band’s first major tenor soloist. He credited Johnny Hodges, Ellington’s alto soloist, as a major influence on his playing. During the next three years, he played on many recordings, including «Cotton Tail» and «All Too Soon»; his contributions (together with that of bassist Jimmy Blanton) were so important that Ellington’s orchestra during that period is known as the Blanton–Webster band.] Webster left the band in 1943 after an angry altercation during which he allegedly cut up one of Ellington’s suits.

But they made up and twenty seven years later, made this gig.

Posted on 19 de enero de 2020

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