De l’Hôtel de Ville à la Concorde – Michael Nyman – Saxophone Ensemble

In July of 2019, this group of saxophonists met in Gap, France for the 30th «Université Européenne de Saxophone.» After our first collaboration (which can be found here: ), we decided to continue collaboration with the piece you are listening to now.

From Michael Nyman’s La Traverseé de Paris, this is the piece «De l’Hôtel de Ville à la Concorde». La Traversée de Paris (The Crossing of Paris) is an audio-visual exhibition of music composed by Michael Nyman which took place at the Grande Arche de la Défense from July to December 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution.
This piece title translates as: From City Hall to the Concorde

Soprano – Richard Scholfield, Kyle Mechmet, Simon Fluri
Alto – Eva Kotar, Mark Ivlev, Kyle Mechmet
Tenor – Richard Scholfield, Kyle Mechmet
Baritone – Alex Prill, Kacper Puczko
Bass – Lucas Hopkins

Audio – Kyle Mechmet
Video – Kyle Mechmet

Video of Hôtel de Ville and la Concorde courtesy of Valentin Kovalev

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