Dave Liebman – Being a Mentor – Day by Day with Bret Primack 10/20/11

NEA Jazz Master David Liebman discusses his role in Jazz education and being a mentor. Lieb founded the International Association of Schools of Jazz and writes “David Liebman
Establishing the IASJ is by far the most important work I have done in my life as a professional musician. It surpasses my own career and experiences, which although have made me what I am, pale in comparison to the positive and far reaching work that the organization has accomplished and continues doing. I feel like I have made a real contribution to the world and will continue my work in this way as long as possible. Teaching jazz was completely foreign to me during my early musical life. Musicians from my era, basically the 1960’s, for the most part did not go to school for jazz although there were some places such as Berklee, University of Miami, North Texas and others. But in the New York area there were no schools nor were there any teachers of jazz around, except for Lennie Tristano with whom I took some lessons with. As is said, I learned “from the street”, by trial and error, observation and a lot of luck. In fact the idea of teaching jazz was an anathema to me and many musicians of that period.”

Posted on 14 de enero de 2020

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