Dash by Jennifer Higdon

Performance of Dash by Jennifer Higdon

Katrina Owens, Flute (http://www.ventnouveauny.com/katrina-owens-flute.html)

Stacy Wilson, Soprano Saxophone (www.stacy-wilson.com)

David Hughes, Piano (www.davidhughespianist.com)

About the work:

«»Dash» comes at the beginning of the 21st Century, where speed often seems to be our goal. This image fits well the instruments in this ensemble, because these are some of the fastest moving instruments in terms of their technical prowess. Each individual plays an equal part in the ensemble, contributing to the intensity and forward momentum, as the music dashes from beginning to end. This work was commissioned in 2001 by the Verdehr Trio with funding provided by
Michigan State University.» –Jennifer Higdon

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