Connect the scale to the chords – use the material that’s is right there, to play great solos!

Use the basic diatonic scales to play a melodic solo. Playing simple melodies between the chord notes is a good beginning to soloing. Following these easy steps will speed up the process towards jazz solos. In this video I am showing you some exercises which leads you to be able to play strong melodic solos using both chord notes and scales material. In all examples of the video I am working with the framework of the famous Sonny Rollins original “Pent Up House”.

I am very sorry all, there are two mistakes in the written examples:
On 1:34, 1:50, 4:23, 4:34, 4:52 in the example – scales going up – all the E7 chords has an A# which should be an A – the scale would be: E F# G# A B C# D E F#
On 1:39 and 2:55 in the written example – scale going down – all the E7 chords has an E# instead of an E the scale here should be: F# E D C# B A G# F# E

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Posted on 5 de noviembre de 2019

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