Collection Improvisation, for Saxophone, Percussion, Dance, and Electronics

Nicholas Zoulek, Saxophone/EWI 4000s
Timothy Russell, Percussion/Electronics
Adriana Durant, Dance

Collection Improvisation
Collection Improvisation is based on visual and aural communication between dancer and musicians. It is an investigation of sound and motion without fixed composition or choreographed movement.

Electronics allow for an unbounded vocabulary of sound. Likewise, the human body provides abundant combinations of contortions and motions. When sound and motion occur simultaneously, the human mind observing the two elements will instinctively try to connect them in either an abstract or direct manner. The mind will observe the presented information and pair it with previously collected thoughts, views, feelings, and observations. Once immediately observed, heard, and felt, the situation is added to the mind’s collection. The allowance of this instinct is the inspiration and reason behind the Collection Improvisation. The improvisers, in the same way, individually compose and choreograph via access of their own mental collections. Through the interaction of multiple collections, a new experience is created. (Author: Nick Zoulek)

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