Christmas Carol – Deck The Halls on Saxophone Greg Vail

Christmas Carols are the sound of the Season! One of my favorite traditional Christmas Carols is Deck The Halls.
Features Greg Vail on Soprano Saxophone.
The Audio is from Christmas The Hymns CD by Greg Vail.
Features the Soprano Saxophone – the sound of Christmas.
Images are from the Mission Inn in Riverside CA.
The style is Americana – most might think it is pretty Disney. Modern Orchestra background and the Saxophone is playing a bit of Classical and Jazz as the track progresses.

Greg Vail – Soprano Saxophone
Deck The Halls – Christmas The Hymns

I have many Christmas Saxophone clips on You Tube! search “Greg Vail Christmas Sax” for a bunch more fun Christmas Carols – Christmas Songs – Christmas Saxophone.

Posted on 14 de octubre de 2020

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