Chip Stern on Theremin—Moaning Low

From the autumn of 2007, as filmed and edited by Crush Boone, a Theremin improvisation by music journalist and musician Chip Stern. Stern, who produced Ginger Bakers first jazz recording, GOING BACK HOME, with Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden for Atlantic in 1994 (and who presently contributes concert and CD reviews to Playbill and high end audio reviews to Positive Feedback On Line), performs on a Moog Etherwave Theremin through an Acoustic Image Coda R combo amp (with a touch of on-board big hall reverberation), and an external Mesa Boogie Roadready 1 X15 Bass Cabinet.

A most challenging instrument to put it mildly: I can only hope that someday I will begin to approach the mastery of my Theremin rabbi, piano virtuoso Rob Schwimmer and of the extraordinarily gifted Pamelia Kurstin.

Chip Sterns Epicenter of Hip

Theremin—Rob Schwimmer

Photographer/Film-Maker—Crush Boone

Theremin—Pamelia Kurstin

Posted on 12 de enero de 2020

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