Brecker Brothers Some Skunk Funk Nagoya

Nagoya, Japan
April 1, 1993

Michael Brecker: Tenor/EWI
Randy Brecker: Trumpet
James Genus: Bass
Mike Stern: Guitar
Dennis Chambers: Drums
George Whitty: Keyboards

George Whitty:

«What was happening on this tour is that Mike was playing a little game with Dennis, kind of questioning his manhood about the tempo on this tune; after the set, Dennis would look at Mike and Mike would say «Well, I suppose that’s fast enough, I’m sure you’re doing your best…» «I appreciate the effort, Dennis» «You’re doing a very workmanlike job of it», and so forth. And Dennis would just smile his little smile and the next night it would be 10 bpm faster, and it was really kind of a race to see who would cap out faster, Dennis, with his ferocious chops, or Mike with his. After a couple weeks of this it got to where it was this ridiculous. That band was sure a kick in the ass»

Posted on 23 de junio de 2015

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