Bernhard Heiden – Sonata for Alto Saxophone, mvt. II (Piano Accompaniment)

Bernhard Heiden (1910-2000) was a German and American composer and teacher. Heiden attended the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin in 1929 and studied under Paul Hindemith, who was a great influence on Heiden’s compositional style. He fled Nazi Germany and settled in Detroit in 1935. After World War II, he studied at Cornell University and taught at Indiana University where he was the chair of the composition department until 1974.

While living in Detroit, Bernhard’s wife taught piano lessons in a home that was owned by Larry Teal. It was through this connection that this Sonata was written and was dedicated to Larry Teal. The piece was first performed in 1937 and published in 1943. It is in 3 movements:

I. Allegro
II. Vivace
III. Adagio-Presto

This piano accompaniment was created for practicing, score studying, and other educational settings.

Performance Tempo without Metronome – 0:00
Performance Tempo with Metronome – 3:08
Practice Tempo (Half Note = 80) – 6:16
Practice Tempo (Half Note = 100) – 12:32
Practice Tempo (Half Note = 120) – 17:31
Practice Tempo (Half Note = 140) – 21:41

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