Ben Sidran: Jazz Video Guy Live on Friday at 2pm EST

Ben Hirsh Sidran (born August 14, 1943) is an American jazz and rock keyboardist, producer, label owner, and music writer. As a musician and a producer he has released over 35 solo recordings. His written works include the book Black Talk (on the sociology of black music in America), the memoir A Life in the Music, published in 2003 and detailing his musical career, Talking Jazz, a collection of his historic interviews with jazz musicians, There Was a Fire: Jews, Music and the American Dream, a cultural history of the Jewish contribution to American popular music during the 20th century and a finalist for the 2012 National Jewish Book Award and The Ballad of Tommy LiPuma.

Mr. Sidran has been referred to by the Chicago Sun Times as a «Renaissance man cast adrift in a modern world» and by The Times as «the first existential jazz rapper,» in reference to his commentary while playing music.

A complete compendium of Sidran’s work, live gigs, videos, productions, interviews and writings can be found at

Video courtesy one of the best streaming jazz radio sites on planet earth:

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