Astor Piazzolla Tango Etude No. 3 for saxophone, David Hernando Vitores

Live concert – Monastery of Sant Llorenç. Guardiola de Berguedà. Catalonia. Spain.

Monastery of Sant Llorenç:

Documented since 898, the monastery accumulated important properties and riches in the current counties of Berguedà and Cerdanya and in 983 the first church was consecrated. The group did not stop growing and expanded until the s. XV; In 1428 the monastery was severely affected by an earthquake that devastated part of the church and the monastic dependencies

From then on it was necessary to do works and the dependencies of the monastery and the church were greatly reduced. In 1592, the abbey, immersed in a deep crisis, since it only had a monk, was converted into priority and linked to the monastery of Sant Pau del Camp in Barcelona. In 1855 the church and the remaining monacal dependencies were transferred to the bishopric of Solsona. The restoration of the monastery was promoted in the seventies by the rector of Guardiola, Mn. Enric Bartrina and a group of people from the town; The Local Heritage Service of the Diputació de Barcelona took over the important restoration works and the archaeological campaigns that are paying off and recovering a valuable heritage that has more than a thousand years of history.

The first church was of large proportions, with a rectangular floor plan and three naves covered with wooden structure that rested on columns; the front door was on the eastern façade; In the 18th, some absidioles were built on the west side of the abyss, which was quite exceptional. In the 12th century the wooden deck was replaced by a new stone and a platform was built in the middle of the west side of the central nave, which was divided into two floors: the lower part, covered with an edge vault, which was used by faithful, and the superior, destined for the community.

The archaeological excavations have brought to light part of the cloister, the lodging and the pool of mills.

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