Approach and surrounding notes – get the jazz sound by applying this + two II-V-I lick’s

One of the characteristics of the jazz sound is the way target notes are approached.
How an improvised melody always has a new place to go.
How the music always is on the move towards the next target.
How tension and release is constantly working towards and against each other.
One of the ways to get this effect in your improvised music lines is to always lead towards your target notes.
This could be target notes at the end of a phrase, more important chord notes in a phrase
or just a particular exciting note of your choice which you want to bring out more.
Get this into your playing and your improvised music lines will sound more jazzy.

Watch this video and learn how you get approach notes and surrounding notes into your playing.
I will show you some effective ways to practice surrounding notes.
At the end of this video I will give you two jazz licks, using the II-V-I progression, where I use the approach and surrounding notes shown in the video.
Lot’s of played examples – coming up right now!

Get the full transcription of the lesson:

00:00 Charateristics of jazz is approach and surrounding notes
01:06 I am playing a solo on the original of Joe Henderson – «Recordame»
01:20 Søren Ballegaard Online Lessons presents
02:02 What is approach notes
02:35 Søren is playing an approach note
03:25 Surrounding notes – what?
04:52 The rules of approach notes
05:24 Approach notes in practice
05:46 The Gm7 chord
06:17 The approach and surrounding notes to the 7th of the Gm7 – played and explained
07:22 All approach and surrounding notes on the 7th of the Gm7 in a row
07:40 Approach and surrounding notes to the 5th of Gm7
09:00 Approach and surrounding notes to the 3rd of Gm7
10:02 Approach and surrounding notes to the root of Gm7
11:04 Take this into your practise
11:40 Two II-V-I lick’s using approach and surrounding notes
13:13 Second II-V-I lick
14:22 Do you like this lesson – check the full transcription on my Patreon page

Get the full transcription of the lesson:

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My setup:
saxophone: Selmer MKVI 82xxx
mouthpiece is an old Otto Link Babbit – refaced from opening 6 to opening 8/8,5
Reeds are either rico jazz select 4 medium or Robertos Wind NY own brand 4 medium

Posted on 3 de abril de 2020

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