Agni Sakshi for Saxophone, Electronics, and Video

Saxophone: Nick Zoulek
Composer: Andrew Seager Cole

Recorded March 2nd, 2011 as part of the Sonict New Music Series’ concert “Contemporary Saxophone in Various Settings” curated by Nick Zoulek. The recital was presented at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in Light Recital Hall. Video production by Jeff Kohlmeyer and UWW ch. 19.

Agni Sakshi, translating as “fire witness,” is one of the central ritual acts in Hindu weddings. Agni, the god of fire, acts as a divine witness to the marriage and as such he receives sacrifice and, in turn, purifies and blesses the union. He is also the god of light, smoke, the fire of the sun, and even the flame of the human spirit. This life-giver and destroyer is the discerner of truth, the mundane and unique, and the cycles of life that occur every day, every generation, every eon. This piece is a dedication to Agni, this witness of life. While I’m not particularly religious, I’ve always found the idea of a witness watching our life and our personal evolution to be fascinating and somehow touching. Seeing the good and the bad, the beauty of life that we all share, Agni is an impartial witness, an unmoved mover. (Author: Andrew Seager Cole)

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