A World of Songs – Lynn Véronneau

DC based vocalist Lynn Véronneau co-leads Véronneau, Their latest release is the JAZZ SAMBA PROJECT. «Jazz Samba Project is the latest release by…Veronneau and a talented team of top musicians. This strong bossa nova offering alludes to the fact that the sound’s enduring American popularity is steeped in DC roots…a cover of Bob Marley’s slow burning reggae classic «Waiting in Vain» is a clarion call to a wild new ideal for this most storied of genres. Lead vocalist Veronneau’s lustrous timbre recalls the style of legends like Joao Gilberto while strong musicianship….makes the listener comfortable in the idea that though Stan Getz and company may no longer be physically with us, the memory of their potent legacy remains intact». Marcus Dowling «On Tap Magazine» May 2012

Posted on 16 de enero de 2020

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