7th arpeggios as a part of your jazz vocabluary – exercises and how to use

Are you using the arpeggios in your playing when you are improvising?
The arpeggios are a very big part of the jazz vocabulary. In almost all jazz phrases is a triad, four or five note arpeggio present. To get the sound of jazz you should also incorporate this into your playing.
In this video I will take you through some great ways how to practise and how to use some of the many arpeggios present in jazz.
The practise material and the examples I give will all be on the great original of Kenny Dorham – “Blue Bossa”

00:00 7th arpeggios as a part of your jazz vocabulary – exercises and how to use
00:41 Søren play a solo on the jazz original of Kenny Dorham: “Blue bossa”
01:33 How do we know what chords we can play and which ones sound like jazz?
02:22 Exercise 1
03:57 A few rounds of solo using the arpeggio going up
06:45 Solo with arpeggio going up
09:23 Exercise 2
11:35 example solo – chord going down
12:29 Here is an example on how to apply 16th notes into the arpeggio
13:25 solo using the 16th note pattern
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Posted on 13 de diciembre de 2019

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