4 tips on how to play more interesting solos on minor chords

Minor Chords – This is how to play awesome solos on minor chords
4 tips on how to play more interesting solos on minor chords

In jazz music there are so many tunes where you have long stretches of minor chords on which you should solo.
Just playing a Dm7 tends to get a bit tedious after a while.
Getting more vocabulary playing minor chords is both important for one or two bars and on long stretches of minor chords.
I want to show you how to spice the minor chord up melodically and harmonically with 4 great tips.

In this tutorial
What are the basic theory, chord and scale material of the minor chord?
Minor 6
Minor 9
Minor major 7
Dominant b9
Minor chord solo add on manual
Show, play and analyse a short solo on “Softly as in a morning Sunrise”
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Transposed to the common minor keys
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“How to play minor on dominant chords – 3 great minor sounds”

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Posted on 3 de noviembre de 2020

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