4 scale exercises you must know + 8 step guide how to speed up your technique!

4 scale exercises you must know!
To become a better improviser in music you have to know your basic technique.
It is like learning a language – learn the words before speaking out a sentence.
As musicians we need be able to move fluently over our instrument. The instrument is our tool of communication.
If we are not articulate in our speech our message does not come over to the listener. Rød grød med fløde!
To become a fluent speaker on your instrument you need good technique and good rudiments. You need to control what you want to say and how you say it.
In this video I explain 4 basic scale techniques you will have to control to become a better player and improviser.
I am, myself, still using these 4 exercises for getting some of the many scales into my fingers or back into my fingers after a long not seeing a certain scale.
And of course, as with all of my exercises and guides, you can apply this directly into your own playing now and become better instantly.
Every minute of practise counts!

00:00 4 scale exercises you must know
00:33 In this video
01:09 Søren solo on “Have you met miss Jones”
02:12 Always work on your basics
02:45 The II-V-I in Emaj
03:19 Scales to the 7th degree
05:33 8 steps on how to increase the tempo of your technical exercises
06:46 What goes up must come down
07:19 Scales in the II-V-I in Emaj going down from the 7th degree
10:04 Scales in the II-V-I in Emaj going up and down to and from the 7th degree.
13:39 Scales in the II-V-I in Emaj going down and up to and from the 7th degree
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Posted on 6 de febrero de 2020

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