2: Andrew Bishop: The Soccer Fields of Sarajevo – Sophie Delphis, Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, Siyuan Li

Composed by Andrew Bishop (http://www.music.umich.edu/faculty_staff/bio.php?u=abish)

Sophie Delphis, mezzo-soprano
Jonathan Hulting-Cohen, saxophone
Siyuan Li, piano

I. Prayer in the Field
II. Demilitarized Zone
III. Kolo Dance
IV. Beneath the Fractured Moonlight
V. Prayer in the Field (reprise)

Piece 2 from “Terror and Transcendence,” a musical exploration of the worst and best of humankind. Video by Dave Schall Acoustic: daveschallacoustic.com

“WE TURN next to Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Ethnicity is a source of pride and identity, but it also can divide nations. Andrew Bishop’s setting of Frank De Santo’s poetry reflects this conflict. In Prayer in the Field, a lone voice calls out longingly for a time before the war when people could dance their traditional Kolo dance and exhort God to send health and happiness to his people. But the tone is bitter and perhaps a bit sarcastic, reflecting the horrors of recent events. The people of Sarajevo have buried their kin in the soccer fields that had not long before been places of sport and happiness.

But despite national division and despair, the people of Sarajevo once again dance the Kolo, once again unite for national peace, in the moonlight, when all is calm.”

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