1979 SAXOPHONE Congress in CHICAGO w/ Bunky Green

Our curator (an amateur saxophonist) was excited to discover this news footage of the World Saxophone Congress on a dusty Betamax videotape from the crates here at TheMotionDevotion. It’s from the TV news on that day in 1979 as broadcast by WMAQ, the local NBC outlet in Chicago. Jim Ruddle & Chuck Henry do the lead-in to Gene Randall’s piece.

Here’s the Wikipedia page on Fred Hemke, the saxophonist and professor of Music at Northwestern University who is a part of this video clip. Hemke is revered to the point that saxophonists from all over the world (classical AND jazz) travel to Chicago to benefit from his expert tutelage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Hemke

Here’s Mr. Hemke’s web site: http://www.fredericklhemke.com/

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DISCLAIMER: TheMotionDevotion makes no claims regarding ownership of this video clip. It is being used here on YouTube to promote cultural awareness and to propagate jazz. Any formal cease-and-desist order by the copyright holder will be promptly observed.

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Posted on 16 de enero de 2013

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