14 Nations Combine in Peace Day Tribute: “String Quartet No. 3, VI. Closing” by Philip Glass

Il #Covid19 ci ha costretto alla distanza ma attraverso la musica ci siamo sentiti vicini ed uniti.
Oggi, in occasione della #giornatainternazionaledellaPace, vogliamo lanciare un messaggio in grado di trascendere ogni differenza e trasmettere un sentimento condiviso di unità e amicizia.
Da un’idea della US Air Force Band è nato questo arrangiamento, di una composizione di Philip Glass, a cui ha partecipato anche un appartenente alla Banda Musicale della Polizia di Stato. #essercisempre #lamiciziaèunacosaseria #culturaperlalegalità #distantimauniti #dallastessaparte
14 NATIONS | During the early stages of the quarantine, the global community was faced with a great challenge: How can we stay connected? We all searched for ways to overcome our isolation and to create new avenues of human interaction. The United States Air Force Band has uniquely harnessed the power of music throughout this time to unite people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages. This project represents an extraordinary international collaboration featuring 21 saxophonists from 14 countries!

“String Quartet No. 3, VI. Closing,” composed by Philip Glass and arranged for saxophones by Nathan Nabb, perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the times: at first meditative and struggling, it turns toward hopefulness and finally resolution. Master Sgt. Jeremy Koch, principal saxophonist of the Concert Band, reached out to our partner organizations worldwide. We were overwhelmed by a shared willingness to contribute. Twenty of the participants are military musicians from around the globe, and one is from the National Police Wind Band in Rome, Italy! How cool is that?!

Today also happens to be the United Nation’s International Day of Peace, which provides its own call to humanity to set aside differences and contribute to a global shared culture of togetherness. This is but one example of what cooperation can look like, and how the universal language of music provides a mechanism for us all to reconnect.
United Nations #PeaceDay #MusicConnects #JoinTogether

Australia ??
Musician Jaime Grech, tenor saxophone
Australian Army Band | Australian Army

Belgium ??
First Sergeant Peter Cverle, alto saxophone
The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Airforce | Belgian Air Force

Canada ??
Warrant Officer Curtis Bamford, soprano saxophone
Corporal Spencer Brûlé, alto saxophone
The Royal Canadian Air Force Band | Royal Canadian Air Force | Aviation royale canadienne

Colombia ??
Técnico Tercero Joseph Luna Vanegas, alto saxophone
Banda Sinfónica Militar de la Fuerza Aérea | Fuerza Aérea Colombiana

France ??
Adjudant-chef Christian Wirth, soprano saxophone
Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine | Garde Républicaine

Germany ??
Sergeant First Class Lucas Knappe, baritone saxophone
Luftwaffenmusikkorps Münster | Bundeswehr
Sergeant First Class Lukasz Goldner, soprano saxophone
Luftwaffenmusikkorps Erfurt | Bundeswehr

Italy ??
Chief Inspector Mario Ciaccio, tenor saxophone
Banda musicale della Polizia di Stato | Polizia di Stato

Latvia ??
Private First Class Inga Meijere, soprano saxophone
Zemessardzes orķestris / Latvian National Guard Orchestra | Zemessardze | Latvijas armija

Mexico ??
Teniente de Navío SMN. MN. Filomeno Ortiz García, tenor saxophone
Banda Sinfónica de la Secretaría de Marina | Secretaría de Marina

Netherlands ??
Adjudant Jean-Pierre Cnoops, soprano saxophone
Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine | Koninklijke Marine

New Zealand ??
Sergeant Andre Paris, baritone saxophone
Royal New Zealand Air Force Band | Royal New Zealand Air Force

Norway ??
Chief Petty Officer Bjarne Herbjørnrød, baritone saxophone
Kongelige norske marines musikkorps | Sjøforsvaret
Master Sergeant Jostein Haug Netland, tenor saxophone
Luftforsvarets musikkorps | Luftforsvaret
Sergeant First Class Camilla Blomqvist, alto saxophone
Forsvarets stabsmusikkorps | Forsvaret

United Kingdom ??
Sergeant Andy Mears, alto saxopohone
Sergeant Tom Butcher, tenor saxophone
Central Band of the Royal Air Force | RAF Music | Royal Air Force
Lance Corporal Kim Cochrane, baritone saxophone
Band of the Irish Guards | Corps of Army Music | British Army

United States of America ??
Master Sergeant Jeremy Koch, soprano saxophone
Technical Sergeant Carolyn Braus, baritone saxophone
The United States Air Force Band | United States Air Force

Col. Don Schofield – Executive Producer
Master Sgt. Jeremy Koch – Producer
Chief Master Sgt. Dennis Hoffmann – Video Editor
Technical Sgt. Jim Woolf – Audio Editor Ver menos

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