Юбилей Маргариты Шапошниковой / Margarita Shaposhnikova anniversary!

I heard these sounds when I was 15 years old at the 2nd year of the Music College. At that time, the saxophone enthusiasm was so strong that I played literally everything, jazz, classical, and even modern music. At this period I got a tape with a concert by Mikhail Gotlib, so fresh, young and exciting, written with great love and performed with a magical sound. And this music opened an extraordinary way into the wonderful world of saxophone special music.Today is the anniversary of an outstanding person, People’s Artist of Russia, professor, founder of the saxophone school of the entire Soviet Union, my teacher Margarita Konstantinovna Shaposhnikova. On the path of life, we constantly meet those who influence fate. However, there are not many people who are radically changing our direction of life.In the 3rd year of college, I found myself in a deep creative crisis, which was associated with some problems of basic school skills that was not fully formed. It is difficult for young saxophonists to understand, because over the years the level has grown, and information is delivered ready-made. But those years we did not know anything. And the personality of Margarita Shaposhnikova was an unattainable legend. I am infinitely grateful to my teacher for believing in me and for accepting in her class this «kitten» with an old sax Amati superclassic. With full and absolute trust in her, she pulled me out of this deep crisis, putting me on the right way and being with me for many years.

Confidence. And unconditional deep respect. One of the necessary qualities to achieve the joint success of the teacher and student. Having come to the class of the greatest professional, you need to get your “immature ego” out of you and put on the «farthest shelf», completely immerse in the personality of the master and in what he wants to convey.

This is amazing what level of talent and industry one must possess in order to form a fundamental Russian distinctive saxophone school in difficult conditions. The experience of subsequent generations is based on the achievements of the previous one, but it is far from always aware of its value. Margarita Shaposhnikova is a unique person. Each of her lessons is something new, unusual, often contradictory, but due to an endless creative search! I can say with confidence that this is the strongest musician and teacher of the Gnesin’s Academy of Music as well as a phenomenon in the musical culture of the whole world. The uniqueness also lies in the fact that by teaching others Margarita constantly learns herself. Therefore, great musicians who helped us with their advice and enriched us with new knowledge and skills, were frequent guests of our class. This is Ivan Fedorovich Pushechnikov, Ivan Panteleevich Mozgovenko, Vladimir Leonidovich Kudrya, whose detailed master class on partita by J.S. Bach is still in my notes. And of course, Vera Borisovna Nosina, who selflessly examined with us the semantics and symbolism of Baroque music and Bach’s compositions. All this is Margarita Shaposhnikova. Brilliant, eccentric, infinitely devoted to his work.The greatness of a person is determined not by his characteristic as a positive or negative character, but by what degree of influence he exerts on others. Why God sent him to Earth. His mission. I can confidently say that Margarita Shaposhnikova fulfilled and continues to fulfill her mission in relation to music, saxophone and her students.

Dear Margarita, congratulations on this important date! I wish you good health, strength, energy, love, continue to live with music and bring up many more great musicians! Happy Birthday!

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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