WORLD SAX CONGRESS. Fri, 3 Feb 2006 18:23:15.NEWS


Staff member
Dear Colleague,

The Organizing Committee of 14th World Saxophone Congress would like to inform you the following:

- On the web site we added information about the programme. In the PROGRAMME section you can find the soloists who will perform in the evening concerts. We also published which saxophonists, quartets, quintets and saxophone ensembles have already registered for active participation until the end of January.

- We added a lot of information about Ljubljana, Slovenia (including many photos), information how to get to Ljubljana and other useful information for all participants. Check our TOURIST INFO section.

- We added information for those participants who intend to perform with our staff pianist. The information about the staff piano accompanists is curently published in FORUM.

- We would appreciate if you could also inform your colleagues saxophonists (and students) of the upcoming World Saxophone Congress.

- And finally – it is still time to register for participation (either active or passive). Check our REGISTRATION SECTION.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Ljubljana!

Organizing Committee of the 14th World Saxophone Congress