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The saxophone is commonly thought of as the quintessential American instrument, not least for the pivotal rôle it has played in jazz during key stages of the genre’s evolution. Its acceptance in classical music has been more gradual, with, once again, American composers playing a major part. From Ned Rorem’s soulful Picnic on the Marne
to Alan Hovhaness’ wistful and evocative Suite for Alto Saxophone and Guitar, via the works of lesser-known composers such as Amy Quate and Rudy Wiedoeft, the divergent idioms of the works on this disc reflect those of the composers, as well as the artists for whom they were created.


Light of Sothis
Mitchell, Alex, alto saxophone
Limb, Jeremy, piano

1. I. Grace 00:04:52
2. II. Passion 00:01:47
3. III. Faith 00:03:27

Creston, Paul
[Show Details] Saxophone Sonata, Op. 19
Mitchell, Alex, alto saxophone
Limb, Jeremy, piano

4. I. With vigor 00:04:38
5. II. With tranquility 00:05:01
6. III. With gaiety 00:03:55

Rorem, Ned
[Show Details] Picnic on the Marne
Mitchell, Alex, alto saxophone
Limb, Jeremy, piano

7. I. Driving from Paris 00:01:30
8. II. A Bend in the River 00:02:32
9. III. Bal Musette 00:01:37
10. IV. Vermouth 00:01:25
11. V. A Tense Discussion 00:02:57
12. VI. Making Up 00:01:20
13. VI. The Ride Back to Town 00:02:11

Hartley, Walter S.
[Show Details] Baritone Saxophone Sonata
Mitchell, Alex, baritone saxophone
Limb, Jeremy, piano

14. I. Andante - Allegro - Andante - Allegro 00:05:38
15. II. Adagio 00:02:24
16. III. Allegro molto 00:03:04

Hovhaness, Alan
[Show Details] Suite, Op. 291
Mitchell, Alex, alto saxophone
Hornsby, Neil, guitar

17. I. Adagio espressivo 00:02:46
18. II. Senza misura - Allegro, Allegro vivace 00:03:18
19. III. Andante espressivo 00:02:33

Muczynski, Robert
[Show Details] Alto Saxophone Sonata, Op. 29
Mitchell, Alex, alto saxophone
Limb, Jeremy, piano

20. I. Andante maestoso 00:03:52
21. II. Allegro energico 00:03:19

Wiedoeft, Rudy
[Show Details] Valse vanite
Mitchell, Alex, alto saxophone
Limb, Jeremy, piano

22. Valse vanite 00:04:53

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