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Quintessence Saxophone Quintet
Hi there, colleagues!
I'm the bariman of QSQ. We've just brought out a new CD called "Vivaldi's Five Seasons" I would like to hear your opinions. We recorded the CD in a beautiful sounding hall in Bielefeld, Germany. We have arranged this beautiful piece of music for 2 sopranos, 1 alto, 1 tenor and 1 baritone. It is a challenging piece of music, especially the tonguing in Summer. We all found Vivaldi an thrilling challenge. The arrangements use the 2 Sopranos (one left, one right) to the full extent. Solos have been built in to the Seasons, making the work contemporary without scaring the classical fan. You can listen to excerpts of the music on our website. We play all our repertoire by heart -no music-stands- You can buy our sheet music if you're willing to practise hard

Have a listen and judge for yourselves:

We are looking for good venues in European countries for 2009.
We play international venues in Europe and Asia.

Warm greetings from Germany!
Anatole, the bariman