passionate and interested in the history of bugles and rotary valves flughel


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Buy (and sending pictures if you interested ) A " flugelhorn " (well I have acquired this denomination by the dimensions as they are similar to Root or B & S but it sounds a horn ( rotary valves ) . Possibility to test himself in Zaragoza-Spain and when I move to GaliciaSpain thing I do once a year can take . no case or nozzle ( the nozzle is "German" / " Czech " style I sell cheap because I gain the Conservatory in tone sound ; . otherwise it is about.Although not intending to buy it if any student of military bands to help me catalog it you should be grateful and to be quite old and looks handmade. 225 euros (included s&h only Spain only)

Pido disculpas si este no es el lugar en inglés para "otros instrumentos" y ruego al administrador me lo recoloque en el lugar apropiado (o lo elimine si estorba aqui). Gracias.


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