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11th International Saxophone Meeting

4th International Saxophone Competition in Slovenia
Nova Gorica, 6th – 8th July 2007

Registration form for the competition (.PDF)

Competition will operate in three age categories. In all categories, the programme comprises one compulsory composition, as well as a free choise of a composition (except in the 3rd category).

Competition program: all the compulsory compositions of each categories except the finale’s compulsory composition you can find at Society of Slovene Composers, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Competition program:

Category 1: born in 1991 and younger

Compulsory composition:

·Â B. Adamič: Igračkanje (Society of Slovene Composers - DSS)

Composition chosen from the following list:

·Â Y. Bourrel: Sonate III. in IV. st. (Billaudot)

·Â E. Bozza: Prélude et divertissement (Leduc)

·Â J. M. Defaye: Morceau de concours III (Leduc)

·Â J. Françaix : Cinq dances exotiques (Schott/MDS)

·Â T. Habe: Quasi habanera (DSS)

·Â A. Jolivet: Fantaisie - Impromptu (Leduc)

·Â R. Kamplet: Utrinek (Hartman)

·Â I. Krivokapič: Mala rapsodija (E. M. Wicky)

·Â J. Rueff: Chanson et passepied (Leduc)

·Â S. L. Å uklar: Song (Sloway)

·Â A. Tcherepnine: Sonatine sportive op. 63 (Leduc)

·Â T. Uhlik: Jazz Sonatina - II. in III. st. (Muzički informativni centar - MIC)

Category 2: born in 1987 and younger

Compulsory composition:

·Â M. Strmčnik: Recitativ in arija (DSS)

Composition chosen from the following list:

·Â P. Creston: Sonata op.19 (Shawnee)

·Â B. Heiden: Sonata (Schott)

·Â P. Hindemith: Sonate (Schott)

·Â P. Maurice: Tableaux de Provence (Lemoine)

·Â D. Milhaud: Scaramouche (Salabert)

·Â R. Muczinsky: Sonata op. 29 (Schirmer)

·Â S. Osterc: Sonata (DSS)

·Â C. Pascal: Sonatine (Durand)

·Â B. Pucihar: Aria & Improvisation (Kossack)

·Â I. Petrić: Sonata (Pizzicato)

·Â E. Schulhoff: Hot-Sonate (Schott)

·Â P. Å avli: Ni trjeba črne tinte (Sloway)

·Â N. Å enk: Impetus II. in III. st. (DSS)

·Â P. Å ivic: Suita (DSS)

Category 3: born in 1981 and younger

Qualifying Round, which will select a shortlist of six contestants:

Compulsory composition:

·Â J. Matičič: Repliques (DSS)

Solo composition chosen from the following list:

·Â L. Berio: Sequenza IXb (Ed. Universal)
Sequenza VIIb (Ed. Universal)

·Â C. Lauba: Hard (Fuzeau)

·Â P. Merkù: Charis II (Pizzicato)

·Â R. Noda: Maï (Leduc)

·Â J. Rueff: Sonate II. in III. st. (Leduc)

·Â J. Scelsi: Tre pezzi (Salabert)

·Â Kh. Stockhausen: In Freundschaft (Stockhausen Verlag)

FINALE (6 finalists)

Compulsory composition:

·Â E. Denisov: Sonate II. in III. st. (Leduc)

Concerto chosen from the following list:

·Â P. DeÅ¡palj: Concerto (Southern)

·Â A. Glazunov: Concerto (Leduc)

·Â P.-M. Dubois: Concerto (Leduc)

·Â L.E. Larsson: Konsert (Norduska MF)

·Â F. Martin: Ballade (Universal)

·Â H. Villa-Lobos: Fantasia (Southern)

1. Compositions are to be played from original scores only.
2. Younger participants can play in higher categories, vice versa is not possible.
3. The 1st prize winner of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd International “Alps-Adria- Danube” Competition (Krško 2001, Nova Gorica 2003 and 2005) can only compete in a higher category.
4. Each competitor has the official accompanist (Zoltan Peter) at his/ her disposal.
5. Before the competition, competitors are obliged to prove their identity by means of an identity document.
6. Each competitor has to prepare 5 (five) copies of the piano part of the chosen composition.
7. The competitors will be listed in the order fixed publicly by lot.
8. The decision of the jury is final; discussion with its members is possible after the competition has finished.
9. The organizers reserve all rights concerning public recording and presentation.


·Â Claude Delangle (F), president

·Â Marcus Weiss (CH)

·Â Janez Matičič (SLO)

·Â Pavle Merkù (SLO/IT)

·Â Dragan Sremec (CRO)

Registration form for the competition (.PDF)

Please send your registration form to:
Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
Bevkov trg 4
SI 5000 Nova Gorica

Or by fax:
+ 386 (0)5 335 40 20

Following documents should be enclosed:
- copy of the receipt of fee payment,
- birth certificate or document containing birth data.

Competition fees:
1st and 2nd category: 75 €
3rd category: 100 €
Rehearsal (30 minutes) with official accompanist: 17 €

Way of payment:
Kulturni dom Nova Gorica, Bevkov trg 4, SI-5000 Nova Gorica
Bank name: Bank of Slovenia
IBAN: SI56012846030358603


1st category:

·Â 1st prize: a gift voucher for 300 € - BG FRANCE, and a gift voucher for 70 € HARTMAN d.o.o., and RICO Pack

·Â 2nd prize: a gift voucher for for 250 € - LASTRA COMPANY d.o.o., and RICO Pack

·Â 3rd prize: a gift voucher for 200 € - ROBERTO BUTTUS, and RICO Pack

2nd category:

·Â 1st prize: KINSTAR soprano saxophone – SYMPHONY INTERNATIONAL d.o.o., a concert organized by Juenesses Musicales Slovenia, and RICO Pack

·Â 2nd prize: a gift voucher for 500 € - E. ROUSSEAU Music Products, a gift voucher for 70 € HARTMAN d.o.o., and RICO Pack

·  3rd prize: a gift voucher for 400 € - VANDOREN, and RICO Pack

3rd category:

·Â 1st prize: SELMER Super Action II alt saxophone – SELMER PARIS and SOUND TECH d.o.o., a gift voucher for 70 € HARTMAN d.o.o., and RICO Pack

·Â 2nd prize: YAMAHA YAS-475 alt saxophone – YAMAHA MUSIC Central Europe GmbH, and RICO Pack

·Â 3rd prize: SEQUOIA soprano saxophone – ROBERTO BUTTUS, and RICO Pack

The ‘City of Nova Gorica’, a bronze sculpture by the Slovenian artist Zmago Posega, is presented for the best performance in the 2nd category for the composition chosen from the list.

The Society of Slovene Composers will present winners in each category with practical prizes: three editions from Society of Slovene Composers, CD from the ‘Ars SlovenicA’ chosen by the winners, and the publication ‘Composers traces after 1900’ written by Črt Sojar Voglar.

SLOWAY Music Editions will award the best performance of Slovenian composition in each category with a collection of new Slovenian saxophone music chosen by the winners in the amount of value of 125 €.

All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Participants are expected to provide their own food and lodging. We recommend:

HOSTEL NOVA GORICA / DIJAŠKI DOM NOVA GORICA, Streliška pot 7, 5000 Nova Gorica
(T 00386 5 335 48 11, W &

Unit A (1/3 rooms with common showers and toilets)

bed & breakfast : 17 EUR
half board: 20 EUR
full board: 23 EUR
Unit B (1/2 rooms with bathroom)
bed & breakfast : 23 EUR
half board: 26 EUR
full board: 29 EUR
Ulica padlih borcev 26, 5290 Å empeter pri Gorici (T 00386 5 39 34 300)

night 19 € (1/2 rooms) (15.60 € *)
bed & breakfast: 20 € (16.00 € *)
half board: 22 € (18 € *)
full board: 25 € (21 € *)
* (lower price for groups)