2º Concurso Internacional Jean-Marie Londeix

11 años después del primero tendremos el segundo en el 2008.

Lo malo, hay que ir hasta Tailandia. Lo bueno, premios más grandes que en Dinant.

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Article 1. The 2nd International Jean-Marie LONDEIX Saxophone Competition will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from the January 14 to 26, 2008. This contest is organized by the College of Music, Mahidol University.

Article 2. The jury is composed of internationally renowned musicians, and will be presided over by Jean-Marie LONDEIX.

Article 3. This competition is open to advanced saxophonists of all nationalities born after January 14, 1976.

Article 4. Program:

The First eliminatory round - solo saxophone, maximum duration: 20
1. A composition from baroque or classical piece written before the 20th
century, transcribed for solo saxophone (saxophone to be chosen by the
2. One of the 9 Études pour saxophone seul, by Christian LAUBA (pub.
Leduc), or
Hard too Hard (for tenor saxophone, pub. Leduc), by Christian LAUBA
Oxyton (for baritone saxophone), by Christophe HAVEL (pub. P.J.
Tonger-Germany), or
Le Frêne Égaré (for alto saxophone), by François ROSSÉ (pub. Billau-
dot), or
Digital (for soprano saxophone) Thierry ALLA (pub. Leduc).

The Second eliminatory round - with piano accompaniment: maximum
duration: 35 minutes. Two works to be chosen from among the following
Légende (for alto saxophone and piano) by André CAPLET (pub.
Légende op. 66 (alto saxophone) by Florent SCHMITT (pub. Durand);
Sonata (alto saxophone) by Paul CRESTON (pub. Shawnee Press);
Études (alto saxophone) n° 7, 2, 9, 3 by Charles KOECHLIN (pub. Billaudot);
Prélude, Cadence et Final (alto saxophone) by Alfred DESENCLOS
(pub. Leduc);
Sonate (alto saxophone) by Edison DENISOV (pub. Leduc);
Music for tenor saxophone by William KARLINS (pub. Southern);
Chant premier op. 103 (tenor saxophone), by Marcel MIHALOVICI
(pub. Heugel);
Bisonante (alto saxophone) by Manuel ANGULO (pub. Mundimusica-Madrid);
Atoll II (alto saxophone), by Isao MATSUSHITA (pub. Lemoine) ;
Arabesque 3 (alto saxophone) by Ichiro NODAÏRA ;
Silence for a disturbed yell (baritone saxophone) by François ROSSÉ
(pub. Fuzeau) ;
L'Incandescence de la bruine (soprano saxophone) by Bruno MONTOVANI (pub. Lemoine) ;
Renewing the Myth (alto saxophone) by Marilyn SHRUDE (pub. Lemoine) ;
Pénombre VI (alto saxophone) by Yoshihisa TAÏRA (pub. Transatlantiques) ;
2 Elegies Framing a Shout (soprano saxophone) by Mark-Anthony TURNAGE (pub. Schott) ;
SPP (soprano saxophone) by Philippe LEROUX (pub. Billaudot).

The Final round - with orchestra: A work to be chosen from among the
following titles:
Concerto (alto saxophone) Henri TOMASI (pub. Leduc);
Ballade (alto saxophone) Frank MARTIN (pub. Universal);
Concerto (alto saxophone) Pierre-Max DUBOIS (pub. Leduc);
Concertante (alto saxophone) Marius CONSTANT (pub. Ricordi);
Chant Premier op.103 (tenor saxophone) Marcel MIHALOVICI (pub.
Concerto (alto saxophone) Leslie BASSETT (pub. Peters-USA);
Points d'Or (4 saxophones successifs) Betsy JOLAS (pub. Ricordi);
Auf den ersten Blick Concerto- (alto saxophone) Esa-Pekka SALONEN
pub. Hansen-Finlande);
Hot (tenor and sopranino saxophones) Franco DONATONI (pub. Ricordi)
Feu d'ombres (soprano saxophone) Qigang CHEN (pub. Billaudot).
The final round will take place on January 26, 2008, with the participation of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.

Article 5. - The first eliminatory round will be performed anonymously
behind a curtain; each candidate is identified by number only.
The other rounds will be open to the public.

Article 6. - The contestants will perform in an order fixed by drawing
lots, which will take place on January 13, 2008. Candidates must be present to receive their performance time.

Article 7. - The choice of program selected by the candidate on the registration form is final. No changes or modifications will be permitted.

Article 8. The candidates are required to provide a copy of the score of
the transcribed work to be performed in the first eliminatory round along
with their registration form.

Article 9. - For the second eliminatory round, the organizing committee
of the competition will assign each candidate a piano accompanist. The
organizing committee will provide one scheduled rehearsal. Candidate's
choosing to bring their own accompanist will do so at their own expense.
Before the final round, each candidate will have one rehearsal and one
dress rehearsal with orchestra.

Article 10. - Prize
1st Great Prize: 5.000 €
The 1st prizewinner will also receive two saxophones and the opportunity to be recorded for radio and television in Bangkok, as well as 2
concert engagements with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.
2nd Prize: 3.500 €
The 2nd prizewinner will also receive a saxophone and the opportunity
to be recorded for radio and television in Bangkok, as well as 2 concert
engagements with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.
3rd Prize: 2.000 €
The 3rd prizewinner will also receive a saxophone and the opportunity to
be recorded for radio and television in Bangkok, as well as 2 concert
engagements with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.
4th and 5th Prize: A saxophone.

Article 11. - During the eliminatory rounds, the jury maintains the right
to stop any performance exceeding the prescribed time limit. The jury
will submit their written vote at the end of each performance. Deliberation of the jury will take place after the final round. In the event of a tied
vote, the president's vote will decide the outcome. The decisions of the
jury are final.

Article 12. - The jury reserves the right not to award all prizes. The 1st
Prize will be awarded to only one contestant. For the other prizes, in the
event of a tie, the prizes will be divided.

Article 13. A gala concert will be given at the end of the competition,
in which some of the prize winners will be invited to participate by the

Article 14. Registration Conditions: All completed registration documents must be sent to the address of the contest, postmarked no later than
15 August 2007:

2nd International Jean-Marie Londeix Saxophone Competition
College of Music, Mahidol University
25/25 Phuttamonthon Sai 4
Salaya, Nakonpathom, Thailand 73170

Including the following documents:
1. The application form should be completed on the web site for our
electronic records. It should then be printed, signed and sent with other
required documents. If, due to technical difficulty with web page printing, the application cannot be filled in on-line, it may be clearly printed
by hand and sent with accompanying documents.
2. A photocopy of passport or official Identity card.
3. A curriculum vitae written in French, or English (maximum two typed
pages) mentioning the music institutions attended, names of principal
teachers, awards obtained, and professional positions held
4. Two original recommendation letters from recognized musicians,
written specifically for this competition.
5. A recent passport photograph.
6. A list of chosen works for the program with exact duration noted, in
performance order for each part or movement.
7. An unmarked copy of the transcribed work chosen for the first eliminatory round.
8. The proof of payment or a document attesting the payment of the registration fee according to the means indicated in Article 15.
The uncompleted registration will not be taken into account. The organizing committee of the contest is only entitled to decide on the admission of the candidates after examination of the completed registration forms. The candidates will be informed whether they are accepted or refused to take part in the contest after August 30, 2007.

The candidates who do not receive the confirmation before September 30, 2007 are advised to contact the organizer through e-mail: shyen.lee@msa.hinet.net

Article 15. Registration fee. The registration fee of 100 € must be sent
with the application form by registered mail. It may be paid only by certified check or international money order, made payable to “College of
Music, Mahidol University” clearly marked “2nd International Jean-Marie Londeix Saxophone Competition”
If the payment is made by certified check, foreign candidates must request that their bank provide them with a cheque written in French and
payable in Thailand (Eurocheques, and transfers not permitted)
The Registration fee will only be refunded if the organizing committee
refuses the participation of an applicant.

Article 16. - Travel and accommodation arrangements. Accommodation and travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant. The organizing committee of the competition, however, will provide a list of
hotels or university residences. Candidates who successfully pass the
first eliminatory round will have their accommodation expenses reimbursed by the organizing committee for the duration of their participation, on the basis of a daily rate of 1,500 baht (about USD 40 ), maximum, on presentation of invoice.

Article 17. - The various rounds of the competition and the final prizewinners' concert may be broadcast or televised; no financial remuneration will be granted.

Article 18. The above regulations are mandatory for all competitors. In
case of appeal, all written communication must be In French.