SAX15 – Festival Internacional de Saxofon en Amsterdam

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After the success of last year’s huge SAX14 festival, the SAX team will be offering a more intimate SAX15.

Of course, the saxophone will be celebrated again with a variety of spectacular concerts, but the main emphasis of SAX15 will be on education. SAX15 will take place entirely at the beautiful location of the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Artistic director Arno Bornkamp has invited two icons of claasical saxophone to Amsterdam: Jean-Denis Michat from Lyon, (himself also a composer) and Kyle Horch from London. Bornkamp himself will give the world premiere of ‘Consecuencias’ for sax and string quartet, by his colleague Guillermo Lago, and the Berlage Saxophone Quartet with composer Geert van Keulen will stop by for a workshop on van Keulen’s music for saxophone. The CVA-SAX ensemble (conducted by Juanpe Luna) will also perform several times at SAX15. Furthermore, SAX15 will return to its roots by hosting a special project on the playing of Adolphe Sax saxophones, initiated by Ignace de Keyser (former curator of the MIM in Bruxelles) and Leo van Oostrom, historical saxophone specialist and collector: ‘Authentic performancepractice. Also for you, Mr. Sax?’

The jazz portion will consist of workshops and concerts by alumni of the CVA. In this programme designed by CvA faculty Jasper Blom, some of our most successful alumni are invited to tell us more about their artistic development after having finished the conservatory. Lars Dietrich will talk about his passion for Japanese manga/avatar films and perform his original electronic music in combination with manga projections. Joris Roelofs will discuss music and philosophy; Marike van Dijk will perform with CvA students her music for large ensemble that was conceived and recorded in New York. Tineke Postma and Ben van Gelder (especially flown in from New York) will give a workshop and a concert performing original compositions. An excellent occasion for the young jazz saxophone student to get inspired on different levels by some of the brightest jazz saxophone talents of our time.

Jean Denis Michat, Kyle Horch, Willem van Merwijk and Arno Bornkamp give open masterclasses on Friday and Saturday. For information about this and application, please e-mail to Juan Manuel Gonzalez.



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